Fighter Robot Zuki


Fist of The South Star

Kitana was originally jusr an old stick figure doodle with giant fists, then I started to like the doodle and expanded on her design.

Kitana is a short tempered girl known for winning every street fight she ever got into due to her deadly hands.

On the bright side, she gives wonderful hugs!

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Hello, I’m Jovan

BFA 2022 Animator Alumnus from DePaul University. Pleased to meet you! Ever since I was young kid, I was always fascinated with fantasy, specifically the kind of fable-like fantasy that’s been pioneered by the likes of George MacDonald, Lord Dunsany, and C.S. Lewis. It’s this love for the fantasy that made me determined to start…

Real Fantasy [Archived Essay]

This long essay was written by infamous online writer Kantbot and was hosted on the website The Autistic Mercury before it was deleted off the internet. Real Fantasy was the essay that got me to really sit down and consider my love of the fantasy genre and wonder if I really loved the genre for…

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